Press - A taste of Manayunk

When you think comfort food, you’ll definitely consider Lucky’s Last Chance as offering some of the best in the game. This Manayunk spot is a favorite for meat connoisseurs and craft beer aficionados. It was the first serious burger joint in town and has kept its spot at number one for six years. The cozy space comes with all the familiarity of your favorite hometown bar with dishes that are anything but ordinary. Lucky’s has everything you’re used to when it comes to burgers and hot dogs, and a lot of things you probably haven’t tried. The artistic sandwiches come with toppings like their famous mak & cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and shredded chicken. Sides like crinkle-cut fries, gourmet tots, and rotating local beers complement any dish perfectly. Manayunk residents and visitors alike flock to this Main Street gem for a low-key atmosphere, great music, and spirited food., review

We all have those cravings- drooling over thoughts of a juicy cheeseburger on a fresh bun with toppings galore and a side of crinkle cut fries, or mounds and mounds of tater tots covered in cheese sauce that you pretty much could live off of for the rest of your life, or just a traditional hot dog, maybe with a scoop of chili? If that alone didn’t get you going, you’re lying. Let us guide you to the ultimate destination where all of these sinful meals come to complete fruition.,

Luckys Last Chance to open in Queen Village

The Manayunk bar/burger specialist Lucky's Last Chance has a deal on the table to open a second location, in Queen Village.

Chris Barnes, who with partners Mike Gartner and Sandra Barnes opened Lucky's in 2011, across from the now-shuttered Kildare's, said Lucky's would set up at 848 S. Second St.

Pending transfer of the liquor license, that bar is now operating as Kennett. It previously was Lyon's Den.

Barnes said the new Lucky's would be similar to the original.  The PB & Bacon burger - which is topped with creamy peanut butter, American cheese, and bacon with a side of grape jelly  - is an unexpected stroke of genius.

Also: The neighborhood soon will get Royal Izakaya (782 S. Second St.), a Japanese izakaya. - Michael Klein,